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For the LOVE of Tan  ~ $15 Full Body 

(In Studio Price, Tan Party's Not Included)

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Read detailed information on all formulas available. Each clients solution is custom blended for optimal darkness requested.

Made in the USA | Parabeen Free | Organic DHA | All Natural Formula

We will select the best solution for you based on skin tone sensitivities and level desired of beauty bronzed tan. Each client’s session is customized to achieve a perfect, flawless & natural looking tan!

Kahuna Bay pH Balancing Sunless Prep Spray~

add to session for $5.00

Also, available for purchase, 8 oz bottle for use between sessions

for $18 plus tax
Preps skin for Sunless Tanning

Fragrance: Lemongrass

*Mild Exfoliation: Glycolic spray gently exfoliates and cleanses skin for optimum long-lasting DHA results.

*Enhances DHA Results: Fruit Extracts help to adjust the skin's pH level to enhance the DHA reaction resulting in a deeper, more golden brown tan.

*Browner, Golden Color: Lower skin pH results in a browner - not "orange", more realistic, natural looking tan. Adds *Moisture: pH balancing spray is designed to add additional moisture to the skin to combat the drying effects of DHA

Applied just before sunless tanning session. Spray lightly over entire area to be tanned and gently rub into skin with hands or damp towlette. Use between sessions to help maintain color.


The Kahuna Bay Blends Available are:

Artesian Blend

Artesian Blend, one of the most popular blend of solutions, looks natural and bronzed even on the fairest of skin tones.

This is one of the most popular sunless tanning solutions that gives you the perfect beach tan look that you desire.  Artesian Blend will give your skin that healthy bronze glow that makes them appear like they just came back from a month in the islands.  The natural fading and anti-aging ingredients will allow you to tan on a regular basis while maintaining your bronze tan. 

Kahuna  Bay brand has the best individual components of spray solution paired with a deeper instant tint. The electrifying end result is a product that targets the tanner who has been looking for rich but deep color with the chocolate tone that can counterbalance the typical DHA bronze color. Artesian Blend Spray Tanning Solution is a dual color product. Integrating dark level instant color bronzers that add an extra brown “oomph” effect, and Dihydroxyacetone for the long wearing active skin colorant.

This combo creates a color often associated with the Caribbean Isles, where the long days of intense sunlight create a dramatic mocha brown tone. 

Product of Choice for the Mrs. America Pageant!

 Spray Tan Solution feels warm going on the skin!!

Kahuna Melange Spray Tan Solution looks great on light to medium skin tones!

“Kahuna Mélange is one of the few products on the market that feels like silk going onto the skin, giving the solution a warmer sensation than a blended solution!”

If you have clients that do not like the feel of a standard cold blend spray tan solution, they will LOVE our Kahuna Mélange. Made with natural ingredients with a light citrus fragrance, Kahuna Mélange spray tanning solutions give you the rich dark bronze tan that will make everyone envious of your bronze color, and keep your clients screaming for more! Its anti-aging properties give you the moisture that you need while firming the skin at the same time. Kahuna Mélange spray tan solution is much thicker than a blended solution, but still goes on feeling dryer and silky smooth. The instant dark bronzer allows your clients to leave the salon already looking like they have been working on their tan for months. Within hours the rich temporary bronzer will develop into a long lasting rich bronze tan that will make heads turn and your clients love how they look and feel!

Made in the USA | Paraben Free | All Natural 

Awaken Anti-Aging 

Awaken Spray Tan Solution looks great even on the fairest skin tones!

Awaken Anti Aging Spray Tanning Solution by Kahuna Bay Tan is a new fresh scented Anti-Aging formula which was developed to give you a flawless even fading Sunless Spray Tan with benefits yet to be realized in a Sunless Tanning product.

Kahuna Bay Tan is known as a producer of excellent Sunless Tanning Solutions, products that are both skin beneficial and provide impressive consistent results. This product is wonderful for those clients who have normal to dry skin, or spray tan often.

Our newest and one of our most popular formulas, Awaken, has exceeded the expectations of our clients, our distributors and even the trainers here at Artesian Tan.

The current beauty market is filled with many Anti Aging products. Kahuna Bay Tan  set out to create a Sunless Tanner, which along with positive performance, would utilize cutting edge technologies to promote youthful healthy skin repair.

Awaken tan solution is enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C Liposomes that condition, and assist in minimizing skin aging free radicals, which contribute to long-term skin damage.

Awaken delivers advanced moisturizing and skin care benefits in addition to inclusion of natural Aloe Vera extracts, one of the best products you can use for skin repair. Awaken also includes the newest powerful Anti-Aging complex Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7.

These Anti-Aging ingredient benefits reach optimal performance with daily applications, as studies have shown.

But through their inclusion in Awaken spray tanning solutions, you will feel the skin healing benefits with the very first application.

Awaken applies like silk, goes on smooth and your skin will feel like you have just had a full body moisturizing treatment.

Hawaiian Blend Spray Tan Solution

Paraben Free * 100% Vegan * Nut Allergen Free
Is an Exotic Island Inspired formula combining a violet and brown tone of bronzers. Hawaiian Blend Dark color is formulated to mimic this sought after color indicative of the Hawaiian Islands. The Dark color works with all skin tones to produce our deepest, darkest, longest lasting tan yet!  

Hawaiian Blend is a new color with custom designed Ingredients that are quick-drying, natural, long-lasting, Solution goes on feeling warm and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth!

Hawaiian Blend Dark 10.5% DHA 

Kahari RAPID TAN is a 4-5 hour spray tan spray tan solution and is the ultimate convenience for those clients on the go. Shower in 4 hours to obtain a light tan, 6-7 hours for a medium tan , and 8+ hours for a darker tan .

Still having trouble finding the perfect sun free tanning solution? Looking for that mid-summer “Tanned from the Sun” depth less color? Is it time to hear “Wow! Where have you been to get such a great tan?” Want soft fresh healthy skin and the ever elusive subtle fade off. How about if we throw in a handful of cutting edge anti-aging ingredients? Did we mention our proprietary blend of Organic Herbs & Botanical plant extracts for organic seeking clients. Skin friendly!

The Kahari RAPID Tan Spray Tan Solution line combines the best individual components of our bestselling solutions, paired with a deeper instant tint. The electrifying end result is a product that targets the tanner who has been looking for rich but deep color with the chocolate tone that can counterbalance the typical DHA bronze color. Kahari RAPID Tan Tanning Solution is a dual color product. Integrating dark level instant color bronzers that add an extra brown “oomph” effect, and Dihydroxyacetone for the long wearing active skin colorant.

This combo creates a color often associated with the Caribbean Isles, where the long days of intense sunlight create a dramatic mocha brown tone. The foundation of this product is Aloe Vera Juice. Rich in anti-oxidants; this is the first line of defense against skin damage caused by pollutants, and environmental irritants. Aloe is a renowned natural moisturizer, with healing and soothing properties. Rich in vitamins and amino acids, that help support skins overall health. Green & White Tea Extracts provide skin protective properties boosting skin immune function, and adds supporting protection against the damaging effects of sun exposure. Rich in anti-oxidants, White and green teas contain the highest amounts of antioxidants of all tea varieties Ubiquinone, also known as Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10. This nutrient has been known for years as one of the essential ingredients used by every cell in the body for efficient function.

As the body ages it loses its ability to effectively synthesize this key nutrient... Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 also known as Matrixyl. One of the recent cutting edge skin rejuvenation compounds. Appears to be as effective as retinal against wrinkles and repair of sun damaged skin, without the retinoid irritation. Provides a head to toe skin repair treatment.

Comp Tan Classic ~

Models, Show Performers and Body Builders …..

Comp Tab Classic is ideal blend for the competition and show locale, our Comp Tan professional spray tanning solution, is steps above the competitors. It is the perfect blend of natural ingredients that will keep skin moisturized, radiant and hydrated throughout the tanning process. Helping to maintain the "moist-skin" look, even under sizzling stage lights. Unlike most other competition tanning solutions, Comp Tan Classic professional airbrush spray tanning solution does NOT use alcohol or other chemicals which often cause dry skin and allergic reactions This is our classic 12.5% DHA solution, but enhanced with a triple boast of specialized darker “performance” level tints.  Our bronzers are hand blended to get a perfect, yet naturally flawless finish. This delivers unsurpassed color and smoothness, even in the intense harsh lighting of stage and photo work. Traditionally used for body-building competitors, this product is appropriate for medium and medium/dark skin tones. Works well with darker skinned types three and above. Recommended for darker skinned Europeans and those with Mediterranean, Oriental, or Hispanic heritage.


A good solution option, for clients who are mildly "DHA resistive", or love the look of an Ultra Dark looking bronze-like “instant color” tint. Each hand-made batch of Comp Tan Classic professional airbrush spray tanning solution is made to order; so you are assured of the freshest product each and every time.


Comp Tan Classic is a revolutionary tanning solution with SPF 15 actually helps protect and rejuvenate the skin, enabling a longer-lasting, slow-even fading air brush tan with minimal rub-off. The Comp Tan Classic Tanning Solution has incredible staying power and dries almost immediately upon application. Comp Tan Classic Tanning Solution is the most forgiving product on the market. Even a novice airbrush artist can create a flawless "photo perfect" tan, because the solution actually “corrects” itself after application.


Afterwards, clients will look, and feel beautiful. The unique ultra-moisturizing tanning solution guarantees optimal performance and ultimately pure satisfaction. 

Kahuna Bay Tan Products Tanning Solutions have even been known to work on clients who have historically been considered DHA resistant. This product has an intense dark bronze tint.

New Featured Tan Solution for the Active Workout Enthusiast ~


  Made to complement the hard work you put into your body and built for the active person, Workout Ready boasts a unique formulation that allows perspiration to pass through the tan instead of taking it off. This is the self tan built for the active person and it won't sweat off so you can tan while you tone. If you want a day-to-day self tanner that is made to complement the hard work you put into your body, then let Workout Ready become part of your lifestyle.  Workout Ready Pro Spray Mist is an active tan, absolutely perfect for all skin types and tones wanting a super dark tan that won't sweat off.

No orange tones | No fake tan smell | Australia's iconic beach bronze

 "I proudly claim that my skill and technique is the best and I have mastered the art of spray tanning! Yes, I am confident! I have been labeled a "perfectionist"!  Ask any of my clients they are happy because I pay attention to details."  Jacquelynn Mickus 

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